Upload DNA results free to MyHeritage while you still can

September 15, 2018

Have you uploaded your DNA results to MyHeritage’s free data matching service yet? 



Neither have I.  Frankly, I’ve had as much volume as I can handle from the free data-matching website at Gedmatch.   But it seems time is running out for MyHeritage’s free service, to upload DNA results to that website without paying for the privilege.


Changes to the free upload policy


Currently, anyone who has analysed their DNA with the major testing companies are able to upload their data freely to MyHeritage. The company also accepts individuals uploading and managing other people’s DNA results (provided they have permission of course). However, on 1 December 2018, the company will change its upload policy.


In an announcement this week, MyHeritage assured users that all DNA uploaded in the past, and before 1 December 2018, will be grandfathered and continue to enjoy free access to all of the company's DNA features.  However, thereafter, accessing these features in MyHeritage will incur a fee.


In their communication, MyHeritage assured readers that their clients own their DNA data which can be deleted at any time.  Although, admittedly, I take this with a grain of salt - e.g. how do they remove the data from all their back-up systems?  Nevertheless, if you're interested in looking for more family matches through DNA analysis, it’s timely to consider uploading your DNA files before MyHeritage changes their free access arrangements.


Read the fine print


As always, take the time to read the fine print of the Terms and Conditions.  Tedious I know but it's so important to make an informed decision - particularly when it comes to understanding what a company, any company, can do with your information let alone your DNA results.  Ok, sermon over.


Please note that I have no commercial relationship or affiliation with MyHeritage and gain no advantage, financial or otherwise, from blogging about them. 


How did you go?


Let me know in the Comments Section below what you think of the MyHeritage DNA data matching service.  And don't forget to share this blog post with anyone you think might be interested.



Therese Lynch

Your Family Genealogist


Picture : courtesy of Pixabay




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