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10 Genealogy / Family History Blogs for your Christmas holiday reading

Have you been promising yourself to indulge in some much overdue genealogy / family history reading over the holidays?

Me too. So, here is my list of the top ten genealogy blogs I enjoy reading when time permits. (And yes, even Genealogy Bloggers like yours truly read other genealogists' blogs.

Christmas image with blog topic - image from

We never stop learning and sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a busman’s holiday from writing about the subject.)

  1. Your Family Genealogist – (shameless self-promotion here) I often focus on little-known family history resources which are online and free.

  2. The Legal Genealogist One of my favourites. Well written, short, sharp, pertinent and topical articles.

  3. The Armchair Genealogist

  4. Family Search Blog

  5. Find My Past Blog (affiliate)

  6. Ancestry Blog

  7. The Geni Blog

  8. Amy Johnston Crow Amy’s How Not to Bore People about Genealogy was my favourite topic in recent times and is probably something we can all learn from. It’s particularly pertinent at this time of year when many genealogists will be spending time with family and friends.

  9. Family History Daily

  10. Reddit – Genealogy OK, this one is not strictly a blog, rather it’s an online community/forum for genealogists. Many interesting topics are discussed but if you don’t have much time, probably best to go to one of the other genealogy blog sites.

Whether, like me, you’re in the southern hemisphere somewhere enjoying the sunshine or tucked up in front of an open fire in the northern hemisphere, I hope you will find time to indulge in a little blog reading about our favourite topic.

Please let me know in the comments section which of these blogs you enjoyed reading the most. And if there are any specific blog posts you thought were particularly useful, we would all like to hear about it, so we can zoom in on them ourselves.

Legal stuff

Sadly, in these days of litigation, I need to add a tedious legal statement.

Your Family Genealogist has no control over the content of any of the above websites nor do we have any commercial or other interest in the entities other than FindMyPast with which we have an affiliate marketing association. You follow any links and engage with any of the above entities at your own risk.

Thank you

On a happier note, thank you for your time and attention to Your Family Genealogist’s website and Blog this year. I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement I have received.

Wishing you all a very safe, enjoyable and merry Christmas with lots of genealogy reading time.

Therese Lynch

Your Family Genealogist

Pictures : Pixabay

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