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Forces War Records - Free Access to WW2 Daily Reports Collection - this weekend only

Were any of your military family members wounded, missing, killed, or Prisoners of War during World War 2? If yes, you will want to visit the Forces War Records website this weekend for FREE access to their World War 2 Daily Reports Collection.

The Free Access is to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Casino.

What's in the records?

This record set is particularly interesting because it provides the service number for Officers (not only enlisted personnel for whom this is normal). With the service number genealogists will be able to hone in on more records for the individual, even when they have a very common name.

Most of the files also record the soldier's attachments to other units plus company and battalion details thus making the search for a person's movements, location and duties much easier to find.

The records are mainly casualty lists for the British Army, although there are also some from other Commonwealth countries. They include some or all of the following:

  • surname

  • first name(s)

  • service number

  • rank

  • regiment

  • battalion

  • company

  • attached to…. Unit

  • gallantry awards made

  • casualty type (i.e. POW

  • missing

  • wounded and type/severity of wound etc)

  • dates

  • locations.


With so few World War 2 personnel records available online, this is an important record set. And given the original records are part of the UK National Archives' collection, they have excellent provenance.

How did you go?

I found three records for an Irish first cousin, once removed, who was with the Cameron Highlanders. He was captured in France and ended up as a POW for much of the war.

Let me know in the Comments Section below if you have any success with this record set.


Your Family Genealogist

Picture : Pixabay

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