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More Irish BDM records coming online from the General Registry Office

The Irish General Registry Office recently announced that an additional two years of Births, Deaths and Marriage records will be released online in early 2019 via

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No exact date was announced for the release, however, they did say the Marriage Index data and associated images will also be updated for 1864-1869 inclusive. This is a welcome improvement - how often are we excited to find the index record only to be disappointed to find the image is missing.

Once updated, the online database will cover the following years for Births, Marriages and Deaths:

Births: 1864 to 1918

Marriages: 1864* to 1943

Deaths: 1878* to 1968

* The General Register Office will continue to update Marriage records dating back to 1845 and Deaths back to 1864. The updates will be included in future record releases on the website.

Corrections provided to the GRO via its online feedback service will also be included in the forthcoming update.

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I'm impatient to access the new records but the GRO did not define "early 2019" in their announcement. Checking the website today indicates the additional records have not been uploaded yet. My interpretation is January/February so let's hope they appear in the next couple of weeks.

I'll update this post as soon as I find the new records are online.

In the meantime, if you've not used before you're in for a treat. And of course, they're online and free!


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