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RootsTech video of the day - The Research Road Map, Your Path to Success

RootsTech 2019 is over and that just leaves those of us not lucky enough to attend the conference to pore over the (online and free) videos from selected sessions. Today I'm recommending you watch a RootsTech video by Amy Johnson Crow titled The Research Road Map, Your Path to Success wherein she discusses the value of using a Research Plan.

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Now I know some people would rather stick a needle in their eye than do a research plan before jumping into the fun part of family history research - but I'm not one of them. (Admittedly I'm one of those tedious people who actually enjoys planning. :-) ) And of course I always do a thorough research plan as a deliverable for clients so they can understand my thinking and methodology.

Trust me you will save a lot of time and effort in the long run if you invest in a research plan and there is nothing better to help focus the mind on how to approach your search. Implementing your plan is then a simple matter because you've already done the hard yards.

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Not convinced? Watch Amy's video. She's an excellent (and of course very knowledgeable) presenter.

Happy planning!


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