Foundations in DNA plus Family History : Getting Started - Two free Webinar Series

July 8, 2020

Legacy Family Tree (LFT) is unlocking two of their best webinar series for individuals to access free of charge in July 2020, namely, Foundations in DNA by world-renowned Blaine Bettinger and Family History: Getting Started by Cheri Hudson Passey.



Foundations in DNA is a series of five full-length classes by Blaine Bettinger.  This series is in the members-only area of LFT which usually  requires a subscription to access.  However, it will be unlocked for free weekend access commencing 10 July and 24 July 2020. 


I saw Blaine Bettinger in action at the DNA Downunder conference in Canberra and Sydney last year.  In my opinion, he certainly lived up to his reputation – both in terms of knowledge and his clear, yet inspirational, presentation style.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.  Even though I’m not a beginner in using DNA as a family history tool, I will be watching this webinar series.  He’s that good!


The five webinars in Blaine Bettinger’s Foundations in DNA series are:


  1. Genealogy and DNA

  2. DNA Overview

  3. Y-DNA

  4. Mitochondrial DNA

  5. Autosomal DNA


Whether you’re new to using DNA as part of your family history research or could benefit from a refresher, this is a fabulous opportunity to learn from the Master at no cost. 



Family History: Getting Started is a series of 12 mini classes for beginners by Cheri Hudson Passey.  According to LFT, they include brand new sessions as well as LFT’s members-only content.  It will all be unlocked and freely available to the general public on 10 and 24 July 2020.  The best thing about mini classes are that information comes in easily digestible chunks. 


Just how Cheri’s Getting Started in Family History series will be broken down into 12 lessons is not yet clear from the LFT website.  However if her usual  webinar series on this topic on LFT is any indication it will include:


  1. Home Sources

  2. Forms

  3. Family Stories

  4. Documents

  5. Vital Records

  6. Census records.


From my viewpoint this is an eminently sensible approach to take for any beginners.







Once again, LFT comes to the fore in delivering high quality genealogy webinars online and free. If you haven’t already, I recommend you add LFT webinars to your family history research toolbox. Click here for a list of their other many free webinars in July and future months.


Let me know in the Comments box below what you think of these or any other free genealogy webinars at FTM.  


Happy watching.



Your Family Genealogist


Pictures : Pixabay

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