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About Therese

I was fortunate to focus full time on my own family history and helping friends with theirs following early retirement from my senior public sector management role.  Family History research grew to be more than just a hobby and I went on to earn a Diploma in Family History from the University of Tasmania.  I take particular satisfaction from helping others get started on their own family history journey as well as undertaking the research myself.  I also provide suggestions on little known repositories for those elusive records needed to break down brick walls (see my Blog).

My interest and deep understanding of the subject led me to start my own genealogy research and record search business. I’m fortunate to live in Canberra and have easy access to all the national institutions.  As we know, research is about much more than simply searching the internet, so I’m a regular visitor to the National Archives of Australia, the Australian War Memorial and the National Library where I dig into their many collections not available online.  I’m only a short drive away which also makes for quick and easy access to obtain any individual records for you.

As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists I am bound by their Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and I use the Genealogical Proof Standard in all my work.

My family has a long history of military service dating back to the 1800s and thus military family history has become a specialist area of knowledge. Australian convicts, Victorian goldfields and land records are also my specialties.

As an experienced IT trainer, adding one-on-one or small group training tutorials in how to use the major commercial databases was a sensible addition to my services.  This  has proven to be very popular with clients who have purchased a subscription to say,, and then asked themselves Now what?

I am a member of the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra (HAGSOC) where I contribute regularly to their Ancestral Searcher magazine and where I am invited to deliver lectures and presentations to the monthly general meeting and several special interest groups.

As a published writer I enjoy writing and turning research into tangible bodies of work ranging from the chapter on Land Records I have been asked to write for the next edition of HAGSOC's book titled Family History for Beginners and Beyond to my first book about a great great grandfather titled Peter Roney, a Pioneering Entrepreneur. But not all ancestors warrant an entire book.  For most, an illustrated ancestral profile is more appropriate in order to get the information from a timeline or database into something readable that you can distribute to family or, as is often preferable for young people, something visual like a photo essay or the identikit picture of my 3xgreat uncle and convict, Matthew Mohide. 

I’ve long held the philosophy that information is for sharing and never more so than when it comes to family history resources.  I enjoy sharing new family history sites and databases I come across and my Blog is the most effective way I know to do that. 

I look forward to joining you on your own genealogical research journey.

Therese Lynch 

Your Family Genealogist

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