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"Thank you for your thoroughly professional work. Working with you has been a very rewarding experience - both personally and genealogically!"

Patrick S. (A.C.T.)

"So thank you again for helping me bring closure to a life of wondering what happened to her. You have been a great help."

Michael H. (U.K.)

"Having your help in clarifying and expediting initiatives in unearthing some family history has been a very positive experience, (notwithstanding the frustrating end point), for which I sincerely thank you."


David P. (NSW)

"We are so grateful for your interest, expertise, and dedication to your profession."


Barbara K. and daughters (A.C.T.)

"It is an extraordinary piece of work, thank you so much for all the time you put into it. . . .  You've brought so much of it alive. It's a great read. . . . I didn't know my great uncle was at Gallipoli. . . .  My cousins around the world are loving this!"


Katie F. (Melbourne)



"I am in awe of what you have found."


Nerida D. (N.S.W.)



"This is incredible--the level of detail for the plan is wonderful, and your organization of it just equally so--I am truly amazed! I'm very happy . . . It looks like I will be occupied for a long time with this."


Jayn P. (U.S.A)




"Thanks for your help with at the weekend.  I'm well pleased."

Rob J.  (Canberra)



"Despite travelling to Scotland recently, I was unable to uncover any helpful information regarding my family ancestry. However, I now understand that I didn't know where or how to access records relevant to my family. Therese was able to provide me with a wealth of information due to her extensive knowledge of how to access Irish and Scottish family history. From first-hand experience, if you have a single burning question or need an extensive family tree search, I highly recommend Therese's expertise for an informative, accurate outcome."

Leanne M.  (Canberra)

"Therese has helped me immensely with a difficult genealogical search.  She has sifted through hundreds on on-line records of 100 year-old documents, to track down my previously unknown maternal grandfather - a task that I just could not have done by myself.  This was not your usual straight-forward family-tree search - but a careful, meticulous piece of historical detective work.  Her research was completed with a professionally referenced report.  I confidently recommend Therese to anyone wanting any type of thorough, professional genealogical research undertaken." 

P.A. Sw.  (Canberra)

"Thank you for your help on this. The breakthrough was entirely unearthed by you . . . A great result!  My mum is particularly pleased."

Rod A. (Glasgow)


"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's presentation. Interesting background and great to look up some real examples.  You gave me a whole new way to learn about my forebears."  

Michael H.  (Canberra)


"How did I not know about SimCorner before now?  You've saved me heaps. Thx."

Anna W.  (Brisbane)



Testimonials: Testimonial



"Therese is genuinely passionate about family history and genealogy and is a passionate and thorough researcher. She is professional and personable;  she readily shares her expertise, often generously going beyond what is requested.  On the basis of my experience of her services, I have referred her to family and friends and they have been delighted with her work.  I have no hesitation in recommending her."


Freda H. (Canberra)



"I had a box of old papers and bits and pieces from my mother and grandmother before her. Therese quickly organised it all and showed me how to get as much info as possible from the documents.  Instead of an old junk box, I have a properly organised treasure trove and I’m slowly adding it all to the family tree."

Hannah J. (A.C.T.)

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