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Research and Writing

My fee structure is transparent.  Please be assured that as a matter of principle, I never incur additional charges without clearing this with you in advance.  To avoid being charged for duplicate work, please provide whatever information you already have on the individual or family to be researched. This include births, deaths and marriage certificates,  known places of residence, sibling information, etc.

Initial consultation

An initial 20 minute phone or zoom consultation is free. 

Full research projects

Basic History: $1,000 (indicative)

Genealogical research of one parent and one grandparent line tracing 1-4 generations (2-6 surnames).  (Includes $100 allocated to purchasing certificates.)

Intermediate: $1,700 (indicative)

Genealogical research of either father’s or mother’s side of the family, i.e. one parent and both grandparents (2-12 surnames). (Includes $200 allocated to purchasing  certificates.)

Full history: $3500 (indicative)

The genealogical research of both your father’s and mother’s family tree i.e. starting with both sets of grandparents. (Includes $300 allocated to purchase of certificates.)

Convict research project 


Research and compile report on an individual convict's history from the time of arrest to freedom or death in the colony, whichever is the earlier.

Military research project

$45 per hour - Minimum 3 hours

Research and compile report on an individual's military service from the time of enlistment to discharge. Includes details of awards and medals. 

Tailored family history research plans for DIY research

$200 General          $300 Topic specific       

Many people prefer to do their own family history research.  A good research plan with a list of recommended sources  (both online and offline) will get you started quickly, help you progress to the next stage or assist you in one specialist area such as finding records for a convict ancestor. 

I will work with you to define the research problem, determine what you already know, then develop a research plan for you to implement yourself at your own pace and in your own time. This is a good option whether you're just starting out (the General plan) or want to focus on a particular area of research e.g. a military ancestor (the Topic Specific plan).  

Record search/local look-up

$30 for a single record retrieval where you have the precise reference.

$30 plus $45 per hour research where the reference is unknown.

Price includes scanned and emailed document images if permissible.  Otherwise a transcription will be provided. Record depositories include the:

  • Australian War Memorial

  • National Archives of Australia

  • National Library of Australia

  • ACT Government Births Deaths and Marriages

Freelance writing: ancestor profiles, articles, books based on your research

$45 per hour.

Following an analysis of your needs and the information you want turned into a written product, a free written estimate will be provided.

Research and Writing: Service
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