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New Irish records released by FindMyPast

Royal Irish Constabulary photo from the National Library of Ireland

FindMyPast has released a variety of Irish records this week. Listed below are what I think are the three most interesting and useful.

1. American Fenian Brotherhood 1864-1867

This is a fascinating series of British Foreign Office (BFO) correspondence records regarding activities of the American Fenian Brotherhood. The records include newspaper cuttings, letters, telegrams, prisoner lists and some photos. The records are searchable and include images as well as transcripts.

A further 15,000 BFO records are available on a browse only basis and record the American Fenian Brotherhood’s efforts to liberate Ireland from British rule.

2. Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories

Additional records have been added to the Royal Irish Constabulary History and Directories. They contain pay records, lists, directories, commendation records, treasury books, Constabulary Code books and training manuals. The exact number of new records was not specified. From sampling these searchable records there appears to be a great many individuals listed. No transcript is provided, however, each record is an individual pdf file.

3. Irish Tontines Annuitants 1766-1789

This searchable dataset contains 153,000 annuity statements, accounts of deaths, death certificates, and marriage certificates relating to the subscribers and nominees of the Irish Tontine. Given Tontines are 18th century mini investment funds, participants are likely to be from the financially better-off classes. Both transcripts and images are provided.

What do you think of these Irish genealogical resources? Did you find an ancestor listed there? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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Photo : National Library of Ireland via

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