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MyHeritage releases 463 million French records of births, deaths, marriages and two censuses

Following its purchase of Filae, MyHeritage has lived up to its promise of making that company's historical French records available on its site.

French flag with overlay of the Eifle Tower and Arc de Triomphe courtesy of

Yesterday My Heritage released the first tranche of 463 million historical records from Filae. They cover births, marriages, deaths, and two censuses from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. MyHeritage's blog stated the collections cover nearly every department in France and include a high-quality index of the transcribed records plus images of the original documents.

What periods do the records cover?

According to MyHeritage, the newly released records cover:

  1. Church baptisms and births in France from 1650 to 1900 with images;

  2. Church and civil marriages in France from 1650 to 1916 with images;

  3. Church burials and civil deaths from 1650 to 1945 with images;

  4. An index of the 1872 France census with images;

  5. An index of the 1906 France census with images.

The birth, death and marriage collections cover both the pre and post-French revolution period. The post-1792 records include civil and church records across 95 of the country's 96 departments. They also cover four of the 5 overseas departments, namely: La Reunion, French Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Pre-1792 records cover about half of France's departments. My Heritage has a good map on its site showing which departments have pre-1792 coverage.

My Heritage promises to release more French records from it's Filae subsidiary before the end of 2021.


MyHeritage has never been my go to genealogical database and the main reason I have a subscription is because I like their old photo enhancement tools so much. However, the inclusion of Filae's records is a remarkable addition if you have French ancestors. Hopefully MyHeritage will have a free access period soon to test out their new French collection for those of you who don't yet have a subscription.

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Leave a message in the Comments section below letting me know what you think of the new release. In the meantime, happy French ancestor hunting.


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