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Ten Favourite Genealogy Blogs for your Christmas holiday reading

As the Christmas season unfolds, what better way to spend some downtime than reading genealogy blogs?  I've curated a list of my ten favourites which I hope will add a touch of ancestral magic to your holiday reading. From family stories to expert research tips, you will find them all and more among with these blogs.

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When it comes to family history research, we never stop learning and, by and large, Genealogists are a generous lot who enjoy sharing. For example, I recently read an excellent post by John Gresham about why so many Irish civil birth records are listed with the given name "Unknown". I won't tell you the reason here, but recommend you read his blog on the topic. (See the link to his blog below.)

A well-known and highly respected Irish genealogist who also generously shares his knowledge of the topic.

Amy is an active podcaster and blogger. I especially recommend reading Amy’s How Not to Bore People about Genealogy. It is one of my favourite of her blog topics to date and is probably something we can all learn from. It’s particularly pertinent at this time of year when many genealogists will be spending time with family and friends.

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One of my favourites. Well written, short, sharp, pertinent and topical articles.


OK, this one is not strictly a blog, rather it’s an excellent resource for genealogy-related webinars. So, if you prefer to learn through listening rather than reading, it's a top-notch resource. It is a subscription site, however, most, if not all of their wide-ranging webinar topics are free for a week after they are first aired. Register and watch them live or watch the recording at a time to suit you. (Or do what I do and listen to them to pass the time while on the exercise machine!)

As the name suggests this is a prolific source with daily blog posts on a wide variety of interesting topics.  At this time of the year, I particularly recommend reading their blog on 8 Ways To Gather Family History Without Hijacking A Holiday Event. 

With blog topics including genealogy research, news and events, and heritage/history, Family Search is a useful blog to visit regularly.

Blaine Bettinger is also known as the Genetic Genealogist. He is one of the world's leading writers on using DNA in family history research. If you want to improve your knowledge in this area, he is the go to person and is generous in sharing his information. Blaine is also an excellent presenter so I recommend you watch his videos when the opportunity presents.

This is the website for the Who Do You Think You Are magazine which has regular items of interest. Follow this blog for their regular news items on all things genealogy related.


One of the less well-known commercial genealogy databases, The Genealogist focuses mainly on the UK and writes regularly about its ever-growing collection.

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One of the genealogy giants, Findmypast posts regularly on interesting and useful topics. And, of course, don't forget their Findmypast Fridays, a weekly update on their newly released record sets.

Shameless self-promotion here (and not counted among the ten blogs above). I like to focus on little-known family history resources which are online and free. 


Let me know in the comments box at the bottom of the screen if you found any of these blogs/webinars particularly useful. In the meantime, I hope you find some downtown to relax and catch up on all the latest news in the genealogy world.

Happy reading.


Your Family Genealogist

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