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How to Use Family Tree Maker to delete pictures in bulk from family trees

If you are among the many genealogists who object to aspects of's recent change in their Terms and Conditions you are not alone. If you use Family Tree Maker (FTM) to sync information between your computer and then you can use it to quickly and easily do a bulk delete of media you have uploaded to Ancestry.

Changes to's Terms and Conditions

On 3 August 2021, Ancestry announced changes to its Terms and Conditions wherein they claimed a perpetual and non-revocable licence to use as they choose, all pictures, videos, stories and data users upload to the system. Following an outcry from the genealogy community, they quickly updated an amendment. Nevertheless, they still claim a perpetual and non-revocable licence to use user-generated content until you delete it from Ancestry's systems.

Now, I'm not a lawyer, solicitor or legal expert in any way, shape or form whatsoever, nor do I claim to be. For more information about Ancestry's Terms and Conditions changes and what it means, you might want to read Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist's two excellent blog posts on the topic. Amy Johnson Crow also has a very helpful video on the topic on her Facebook page. FamilyTree Magazine (UK) contacted Ancestry directly and published the questions posed to the company and their response.