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Find Pre-1841 genealogy information at the Early British Census Project

Have you heard about the Early British Census Project? A Brigham Young University genealogy initiative, the project is bringing together in one place, pre-1841 census data from all over the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.

So far the Project team has extracted information from 184 censuses, however, they estimate there are 1400 such datasets. Best of all, access is online and free.

To test the database, I searched for one of my family's less common names, Caley, with the following results:

Picture of the search interface for the Early British Census Project at Brigham Young University.
Example of the search interface.

I followed the link to one of the records which returned the following information. (Note there is a reference citing where copies or transcripts of the original record can be found.)

Picture of the search results for the Early British Census Project at Brigham Young University.
Sample search results for Caley at Walthamstow, England.

Do yourself a favour and take five minutes to look at this short video on YouTube.


In my opinion this project is well worth keeping an eye on and returning to time and again as the database grows.

Let me know what you think about this initiative in the Comments Section below.

In the meantime, happy ancestor hunting.


Your Family Genealogist


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