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Ireland National Schools List – Additional records added to FindMyPast

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FindMyPast has added 43,000 new records to the Ireland National Schools List dataset bringing the total number of records to over 186,000 covering many counties for the years 1860-1922.

Sketch of female student from Pixabay in article about FindMyPast Irish records on Your Family Genealogist's blog

FindMyPast notes that these records are usually for smaller or more isolated schools or for those that closed some time ago (although surprisingly, the records include a mix of religions and backgrounds). Nevertheless, I noticed records from Dublin among the results when I searched for my own ancestors.

The majority of items include both an image of the student’s record as well as a transcript. However, bear in mind that records for people born less than 100 years ago have been redacted and only have transcripts.

The type of information varies among students but most records include:

  • Name;

  • Date of birth;

  • Year of register;

  • Age;

  • Denomination;

  • Home address;

  • Occupation of parent or guardian;

  • School name;

  • Parish name.

Additional information available from the images which was not transcribed can also include:

  • Name of previous school;

  • Number of days attendance;

  • Class enrolled into;

  • Results of examinations in various subjects including reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling, grammar, needlework and drawing;

  • Date pupil left the school and was readmitted (where applicable).

Did you find any ancestors in the Ireland National Schools List? I wasn’t lucky this time round but would love to hear from you in the Comments section below if you did.

Until next time, happy ancestor hunting.

Therese Lynch

Your Family Genealogist

Picture : courtesy of Pixabay

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