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Online and Free : 10 Reasons to use Trove in your Australian family history research

Trove is the National Library of Australia (NLA)’s repository for digitised newspapers. The internationally acclaimed program seeks to digitize all Australian newspapers dating from the earliest colonial times.

If Trove is not already in your Australian genealogy tool kit, then it most certainly should be and you are in for a treat. As I said in a previous blog article, Trove is the Australian taxpayers’ gift to genealogists.

Newspaper printing machine from Pixabay in a blog article by Your Family Genealogist about Trove

Here are 10 reasons why you should be using this fabulous online resource in your Australian family history research:

1. It’s online and it’s free at

2. It helps you find hitherto unknown information about your ancestors and their lives as well as provide pointers to other research lines for you to follow.

3. It has already digitised more than 18 million pages from over 1000 Australian newspapers dating back to the country’s first newspaper in 1803 (the Sydney Gazette) up to 1954. (Newspapers from 1955 are still in copyright although some newspapers such as the Canberra Times have been digitised with the agreement of the pub