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Celebrating our family history successes this year

The countdown has begun to 2019 but it's worth taking a moment to celebrate and share our happy dance moments this year when we hit the jackpot with our research.

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My best family history moment this year was unexpectedly coming across a record showing my 4 x great grandfather, a shipwright in the Royal Navy, being incarcerated in a French prison during the Napoleonic wars.

Even better, it listed his ship - HMS Defiance - thus opening a whole new line of research for me. I can't wait to go to the UK National Archives in Kew in the second half of 2019 to access the ship's records.

What was your best happy dance moment this year?

Unless they are into family history/genealogy themselves, our family and friends don't usually understand our excitement and happy dance moments over what they see as merely a snippet of information.

So share your best (or worst) 2018 family history moments here with people who will celebrate or commiserate with you. Drop me a line in the Comments Section.

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In the meantime, have happy and healthy 2019 with plenty of time for and much success in your family history research.


Your Family Genealogist

Pictures : Pixabay

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