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2021 Irish Census : time capsule initiative

In a blog post last week, Irish Genealogy News reported that the 2021 Irish census will have an option for citizens to a create a "time capsule" i.e. a confidential or personal message on their census questionnaire.

Picture of families connecting through visual technology - from

The time capsule will have no restrictions on what individuals might wish to convey to their descendants or future society. They will, however, remain sealed for 100 years.

This is a wonderful initiative. I wish I had a time machine to jump forward to 2121 to see the reaction of people reading messages from their ancestors one hundred years earlier.

Well done and thank you to the Irish Government which continues to lead the way in family history initiatives. What wouldn't we give today to access the thoughts of our own ancestors from 100 years ago?

For more information follow this link to Irish Genealogy News:

Happy ancestor hunting.

Therese Lynch

Your Family Genealogist

Pictures : Pixabay

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