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Free access to FindMyPast's military records - 8-11 November 2019

To commemorate Remembrance Day, FindMyPast UK is providing free access to their military records up to and including 11 November 2019.

Picture of an Australian soldier's headstone of the 1939-45 war in Souda Bay, Crete. Courtesy of

Grave of an unknown Australian soldier at Souda Bay war cemetery, Crete, Greece. Copyright : Your Family Genealogist 2019

FindMyPast claims to have 12.5 million military records covering:

  1. The Boer War;

  2. World War 1;

  3. World War 2;

  4. Civil War and rebellion;

  5. Other conflicts;

  6. Medal rolls and honours;

  7. Regimental service records.

Picture of world war 1 camp - courtesy of

I've had excellent results from the FindMyPast's military collection in the past dating back to the 1700s and early 1800s, so get over there and start searching. It is a great opportunity to try and fill in some of the blanks for your military ancestors.

You will need to register if you don't have an account with FindMyPast already (but you won't need to provide your birth date which is optional).

Feel free to share this post with any friends or family who might be interested.

Picture of the Commonwealth Graves Commission Cemetery in Souda Bay, Crete, Greece. courtesy of

Souda Bay war cemetery, Crete, Greece. Copyright : Your Family Genealogist 2019

Happy ancestor hunting.

Therese Lynch

Your Family Genealogist

Note: FindMyPast is an affiliate. Any business gained via a link from this website may result in a small commission paid to Your Family Genealogist. This is at no extra cost to the purchaser.

Pictures : Your Family Genealogist's own collection and Pixabay

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