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Readers’ choice - You choose 3 topics for me to write about

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Have you ever thought I wish someone would write about the topics I’m interested in? Well, today I’m turning the tables and asking you to nominate three genealogy or family history topics you would like to read about in Your Family Genealogist’s blog.

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Deciding which blog topics to write is a little like deciding what to cook every night for dinner. There are so many options to choose from, but you want it to be something the family finds enjoyable. In the case of family history, you also want it to be useful to the reader.

Just list your preferred topics in the Comments section below. They could be anything from a “How to” guide to a review to an industry round-up – in fact anything at all provided it relates to genealogy/family history research.

On receiving your input I’ll schedule the topics into my writing and publishing plan.


Your Family Genealogist

Photo – Courtesy of Pixabay

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