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Free Easter access to Ancestry records - Ireland and Commonwealth countries

Happy Easter everyone. You'll be pleased to hear Ancestry in the UK has free access to Irish and Commonwealth records this Easter weekend. It finishes midnight Monday night GMT.

By my calculation the free access finishes at:

  • 10 am Tuesday morning on the Australian east coast;

  • 9 pm Sunday evening in New York City;

  • 5 pm Sunday afternoon on the Canadian west coast;

Image of's Easter home page.

Above :'s home page over Easter. Click on the Free Access link.

Registration is required to access the records. If the system recommends you go to your local or another Ancestry site, just ignore it and click on the "go to " link.

So hop over to and enjoy free access to these important records. Do let me know in the Comments section below if you have any success in finding some elusive records during the free access period.

Hoping you have lots of time over the Easter break to indulge in ancestor hunting.

Happy Easter image with bunnies


Your Family Genealogist

Pictures: and Pixabay

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