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Photo Enhancer : Another awesome photographic tool from My Heritage

My Heritage has done it again. This time releasing another photographic tool which, in one step, takes our old, out of focus, family photos and drastically improves them. The tool is called simply, Photo Enhancer, and the results can be startling.

Photo before and after Your Family Genealogist's great great grandmother circa 1870

Above : Before and after photos of Your Family Genealogist's great great grandmother circa 1870. The photo was first enhanced then colourized using the My Heritage tools. Some of the more obvious white spots visible on the original were removed from the enhanced photo using Photoshop.

I was a little slow off the mark to test the new offering when it landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m making up for lost time. As you can see from the before and after photos of my great great grandmother above, the technology takes photos which may be small or fuzzy and by increasing their resolution, makes the photo much clearer.

The Photo Enhancer is particularly useful when looking at early black and white or sepia photos of our ancestors, but it also works with modern colour photos. Who hasn’t taken a photo only to find the subject moved at the critical second or, as the photographer, we failed to hold the device steady and the picture was spoiled by camera shake?

My Heritage’s Photo Enhancer tool complements its successful and very popular Photo Colourizing function released earlier this year. The new Enhancer tool works as quickly and as easily as its sibling program. Simply upload your photo to the My Heritage website and click the Enhance Photo button.

If you missed reading my previous blog post about My Heritage’s Colourizing tool then click here because you’re in for a treat.