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Get paid $100 for participating in Findmypast's market research study

Opportunity now closed. Findmypast is recruiting individuals in Australia and New Zealand to talk about their experiences in using Findmypast. In return for a one-hour remote interview, participants will receive a $100 PayPal or Amazon voucher. [Sponsored]

Findmypast plans to conduct the remote interviews from 19-23 July and again from 18-20 August 2021. If you are a regular Findmypast user, you may have already seen the pop-up screens about the interviews when you log-in to the site.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why do I have to complete a questionnaire first?

A. The questionnaire is designed to see if you are a good candidate for the interview.

Q. I filled out the questionnaire but why haven't I heard from Findmypast?

A. If you fill out the form and do not receive a response, then you can assume you haven’t been selected this time round.

Q. What will Findmypast do with any personal information I provide in the questionnaire?

A. Information shared in the form will only be used for the purpose of the study, unless the individual chooses to be added to Findmypast's database to be contacted again for future opportunities.

Q. If I am selected, how long will the interview take?

A. If selected, you can expect the remote interview to last an hour.

To receive a 20% discount on a 12-month PRO subscription at click on the picture above.

This is a legitimate opportunity for people who use Findmypast's services. As a Findmypast Global Ambassador I am spreading the word to people who might be interested in participating in their market research study.

Please do not hesitate to pass on this blog post (or the Survey Monkey link to the questionnaire) to anyone who you think might be interested.

In the meantime, happy ancestor hunting.


Your Family Genealogist


I am a Findmypast Global Ambassador and receive a free PRO subscription from the company.

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