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Findmypast for beginners : "Get Started in 15 minutes" : free online videos

So you have signed up to Findmypast. Now what? If you have ever felt a little unsure or asked yourself "How do I use the software?" then Findmypast's Bitesize videos are designed to help get you started and feel confident in researching your family history. [Sponsored]

Bitesize videos

We all seem to be time-poor these days so Findmypast has cleverly developed three short videos, each of less than five minutes duration (hence the term Bitesize) for the following topics:

Each of the videos is available to watch for free on YouTube. You can watch one of the videos at a time then practice what you have just learned. If you prefer, you can watch all three in quick succession before signing in to your Findmypast account to follow the steps yourself.

How did you go?

When you have had a chance to try the videos, let me know in the Comments section below if you found them helpful. Are there any other topics you would like to see in Findmypast's Bitesize video series?

For a 20% discount on a Findmypast PRO subscription, click on the picture below.

Until next time, happy ancestor hunting.


Your Family Genealogist


Your Family Genealogist is Findmypast Global Ambassador and receives a free PRO subscription from the company.

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