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Findmypast's crop of new records this week

It's Findmypast Friday and this week the genealogy giant has released new records from the USA, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, plus details of Royal Air Force and Commonwealth personnel mentioned in dispatches during the Second World War. Following is a list of the new or updated record sets. [Sponsored]

Philadelphia Roman Catholic Baptisms & Marriages

Records from the year 1921 were added for the Philadelphia Archdiocese including:

  1. Baptisms: 46,967 new records; and

  2. Marriages: 34,390 new records.

England & Wales Deaths 2007-2020

According to Findmypast, their British death records were previously covered under the single umbrella of United Kingdom deaths. However, they are now split into England/Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

This week an additional:

  1. 340,593 records were added for English Deaths (for a total of 3,134,980 records in this dataset);

  2. 13,261 records were added for Welsh Deaths (for a total of 139,114 records).

Northern Ireland Deaths, 1998 – 2020

From today another 5,502 death records for Northern Ireland are available thus increasing the total number in the collection to 92,5997.

Royal Air Force & Commonwealth, Mentioned in Dispatches, 1940-1945

This new record set was added indexing Royal Air Force (RAF) and Commonwealth personnel who were Mentioned in Dispatches, the details of which were published in the London Gazette. There are 32,917 indexed records.

Mentioned in Dispatches (MiD) can be defined as: [1]

"a member of the armed forces whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which their gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy is described".

Above: RAF pilot monument in London, England

Findmypast reports that the majority of the records are about the RAF, however there are 590 records about Australians, 200 New Zealanders, plus service personnel from several other countries as well.

In my experience the London Gazette is not the easiest digital publication in which to find information. Probably the easiest way to find the corresponding images is to:

  • Search Findmypast for the ancestor's name in the index;

  • Note the London Gazette date, number (i.e. the issue number) and page number;

  • Navigate to the London Gazette search page;

  • Search for the image by London Gazette issue number and year;

  • Once in the image browser, navigate to the relevant page.

Adding keywords could also help hone in on the desired page.

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Happy Easter

As I write, it is Good Friday in the Christian calendar. May those of you who celebrate Easter enjoy happy times with your family during this holiday period and may you still find plenty of time to spend on your family history research.

Happy ancestor hunting.


Your Family Genealogist


I am a Findmypast Global Ambassador and receive a free PRO subscription from the company.

Pictures : Findmypast and Pixabay


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