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Free access to UK Census Records at Findmypast 30 April - 3 May 2021

Take advantage of Findmypast's free access this weekend to all UK Census records i.e. 1841-1911. [Sponsored]

There's no time to be lost and given my readers come from all over the world, I've provided a link to the correct landing page in four different countries for your convenience.

Census records are among the most useful of British family history records. The census was taken every ten years between 1841 and 1931. Sadly, the 1931 census returns, including schedules, enumeration books and plans, were completely destroyed in a fire in Hayes, Middlesex, where the census was being stored.

Due to the hundred year rule which seeks to protect the privacy of people who are or might still be alive, they are available online only up to 1911 (with 1921 being released via Findmypast next year).

Don't forget you can search UK census records by address at Findmypast. I don't know of any other family history site where you can do that. I broke through a brickwall and found one of my 3xgreat grandfathers for the first time by searching the 1851 census records for Harmondsworth, a village outside London.

You might also be interested in reading Findmypast's blog post about UK census records released just last month. Prefer to watch a video instead of read a blog? Then try Findmypast's video on this topic.

How did you go?

Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this screen if you had any success in finding your ancestors in any of the UK censuses.

In the meantime, happy UK ancestor hunting.


I am a Findmypast Global Ambassador and receive a free PRO subscription from the company.


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